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Hotel Centrum Sosnowiec

The history of the building is vast and dates back to 1880 when its first owners – the Binder family, built the apartment building in Modrzejowska Street. In the 1930’s, it was where the famous Sphinx Cinema was located and where Jan Kiepura debuted on stage in 1923. The cinema was advertised as the biggest and greatest Cinematographic Theatre in Zagłębie. What is more, the building also used to hold the Alte Mandelbaum’s cake shop and one of the largest colonial goods storages of the period which belonged to the Russian merchant S.L. Griczykow. It is interesting that one of the first pharmacies in Sosnowiec was located in our building. Its owner was Maurycy Reiner who started operations in 1896. Mendel Goldner, a watchmaker and jeweller, had his shop here. Just like I. Fuerstenberg who opened an “Omega” retail store but also offered silver and plated goods, gold and diamond jewellery, expensive jewels, and spectacles, pince-nez, or opera glasses.